Wednesday, March 2, 2011

10 Parfum Termahal di Dunia

1. Clive Christians ImpeZial Majesty (U.S. $ 215,000)

There are only 10 pieces worldwide. Bottles of fragrance was coated with crystals of pure 18 carat gold. On the neck of the bottle contained 5-carat white diamond! Weighing 17 ounces, the price is estimated at Rp. 9 Billion more.

2. Clive Christian (U.S. $ 2.150)
The bottle was no less luxurious, crystal and plain 33-carat diamond on the neck of the bottle. Overpriced also exist in the aroma that uses ylang-ylang (only grow in Madagascar), vanilla, orris, sandalwood, amber and bergamot. Estimated price reach Rp. 19.6 Million.

3. Caron's Poivre (U.S. $ 2000)
Created in 1954, Poivre made from a mixture of red pepper and black pepper, clove and various other spices. The bottle made of Baccarat crystal and the estimated cost of Rp. 18.2 Million.

4. Chanel Chanel s U.S. $ 1.850

Perfumes are often used by socialite world is large, 15.2 ounces. prices range from Rp. 16.9 million.

5. Baccarat's Les Larmes Sacr es de Thebes (U.S. $ 1.700)

Baccarat is a type of crystal that is known for quality and purity. Les Larmes de Thebes Sacr ice itself is made with a very limited number, only 6 bottles in the world. Bottle shape like a pyramid and one of the aroma composition containing incense! This is intended to issue a mystical ancient Egyptian era. Estimated price reach Rp 15.5 million.

6. Annick Goutal's Eau d Hadrien (U.S. $ 1,500)

It smells pleasant and fresh to make the price reached USD 13.7 million.

7. Herm s 24 Faubourg (U.S. $ 1,500)
Hermes classic scent that radiated in the fragrance bottle which number only 1,000 pieces in the world. The price that cost Rp 13.7 million.

8. Shalini Shalini Parfums (U.S. $ 900)
Perfumes are accommodated in a Lalique crystal bottle has a very unique aroma and seductive. There are only 900 bottles in the world with a price of Rp. 8.2 Million.

9. Jean Patou's Joy (U.S. $ 800)
Concentration of each ingredient exceeds the perfume in general, namely 10,600 jasmine flowers and 336 roses Bulgarian to be 1 fluid ounce perfume! The price is USD. 7.3 Million.

10. JAR Parfums Bolt of Lightning (U.S. $ 765)

Famous jewelry designer, Joel A. Rosenthal tried his skills in concocting fragrances. He also designed the bottle and marketed with a price of USD 6.9 Million.


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